Shaquille O'Neal getting his jersey number retired again and getting a statue from the LA Lakers

February 18, 2016

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Shaquille O’ Neal on of the All time best big men ( centers) in  NBA  history will be getting 2 new honors.  Shaq won 4 championship he helped the Lakers to 3 pete Shaq and Kobe were the best duo . Shaq was so dominant and strong  could score and slam dunk kobe is a ” Mr. Clutch” and a big play maker. Kobe and Shaq helped the LA Lakers win 3 NBA world Championships.  Shaq slam dunked and you couldn’t stop him because he is so stong and powerful you would just have to get out of the  way . The LA Lakers will be making a statue and putting it outside staples center joining such  Lakers legends as  Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Magic Johnson. Shaq’s statue will be one of a kind , the statue will be  Shaq dunking . congrtualtions Shaq one of the best basketball players.


the Lakers will put up a statue of Lakers superstar and NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal he helped the Lakers win 3 championships at Staples Center. it is a cool statue of Shaq Slam dunking what an awesome statue for one of the best players
















The Miami  heat also announced the Shaquille O’Neal jersey #32 will be going up in the rafters next season the Miami Heat will be retiring Shaq’s number !  The Heat are the second NBA team to retire Shaq’s number which is rare to have your jersey retired by 2  teams.  Shaq helped the Miami heat win their first  NBA championship in 2006. Shaq and Dwayne Wade were great  that season.  Shaq won his 4th NBA championship with the  Miami Heat and was a big part of their success and was dominant like he was in LA . Shaq wore #34 with the Lakers . when Shaq first got in the  NBA he was jersey #33 then jersey #32 with the Orlando Magic. Shaq helped the Magic get to the playoffs too then Shaq went to the Lakers and wore #34 and went back to  jersey #32 when he went back to the state of  Florida this time with  the Heat.  2 honors a  statue and getting  his jersey retired with a second NBA team  congratulations Shaq on 2 more honors for your great career !


Shaq with the Miami Heat will be getting his #32 jersey retired next season


Shaquille O Neal  Miami Heat






















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