my coversation with NFL and Oakland Raiders great Charles Woodson and super bowl champion with the Green Bay Packers

February 18, 2016

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Charles Woodson was at an autograph signing meet and greet recently .  I didn’t get his autograph this time before I did.  but before I left me and some more Charles Woodson and Raiders fans were hoping to see if Charles Woodson might sign any more autographs. He said he was done sigining today.  but I had a chance to talk to Charles Woodson. I told Charles when  he gets inducted into the hall of fame to take us with him and  he said he is sure we will follow him there. I aksed Charles  Woodson to throw up the O like he does at Raiders games for Oakland Raiders  and he did !  I asked Charles if he could say happy birthday to my friend Tracy and he did !! Charles  Woodson is such a nice guy I’m gald he appreciates the fans .  he will be a hall of famer he had a great career with lots of interceptions and defensive touchdowns . Charles Woodson also  found a new job. Woodson will be  joing  the ESPN crew and will be an NFL anlyst on ESPN NFL  coverage and tv shows.  Woodson will add some key knowledge Woodson in articulate and is very smart  it will be good to see Charles Woodson on ESPN .



Charles Woodson Oakland Raiders  defensive back future hall of famer super bowl champion with the green bay Packers throwing up the O for Oak town for the Oakland Raiders


Charles Woodson Oakland Raiders Charles throwing up the O for Oakland Oak town















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