Super Bowl 50 recap. Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl 50 champions and Lady GaGa singing the National anthem and best Super Bowl Commercial

February 11, 2016

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Super Bowl 50  was this past weekend. The Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10 . the Broncos dominated the game. the defense was crazy good. They sacked Cam Newton and put pressure on him all day.  Peyton Manning finally got his second super bowl title and championship. Von Miller  linebacker for the Broncos had a big game and was  Super Bowl 50 MVP  he had six tackles 2 and a half sacks and  2 forced fumbles.
















Super bowl 50 Champio0ns Denver Broncos


















super Bowl  MVP Von Miller linebacker from the Denver Broncos was awesome he was all over Cam Newton he forced a fumble on Cam Newton that led to the Broncos winning the super bowl game. Von Miller  was a big play maker on Sunday





















Lady GaGa Sang the National Anthem great. Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem very respectfully. Lady GaGa didn’t wear anything weird but she wore something that fit her personality. I think Lady GaGa’s singing of our National Anthem rivals Whitney Houston’s national anthem singing.  Gaga  has a beautiful voice and did America proud. I am happy for lady Gaga good job Lady Gaga


LAdy gaga singing national anthem 1
















Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem prior to Super Bowl 50 at Levis Stadium . I think Gaga rivaled Whitey Houston’s national anthem singing


























the best super Bowl commercial I thought was the Mountain dew Puppy Monkey baby commercial the combination of a puppy a monkey and a baby  its cute and its funny.  I like that commercial . that’s some of the memories from Super Bowl 50


puppy monkey baby











Mountain Dew kick Start Puppy Monkey baby  commercial


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