my favorite Super Bowl players and coaches and super bowl moments

February 4, 2016

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with the Super Bowl this Sunday coming up I was thinking about a few of my favorite super Bowl players and super bowl coaches  and super bowl moments.


I like Coach Tom Flores from the Oakland Raiders he is a 2x super bowl winning headcoach he has  a super bowl championship ring as an assistant coach and as  a player. he has contributed so much . Flores is currently serving as a broadcaster on the radio with Greg Papa calling  Raiders games in the booth ,  Flores deserves hall of fame recognition he’s a winner and still involved in the game a broadcaster. Flores is one of my favorite super bowl champions .













Ronnie Lott is one of my favorite Super Bowl champions he played for the 49ers and is one of the hardest hitting players ever to play. he played free safety and was always making plays on the field . the ultimate team player, he cut off his finger so he wouldn’t have to  have surgery so he could still play and wouldn’t have to miss time a hall of famer and such a nice person  Ronnie is one of my favorite super bowl champions

Ronnie Lott 49ers























when the Oakland Raiders made the super bowl in the  2002 season the game was played January 2003 in San Diego vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . The Raiders had some great players and Super Bowl champions and hall of famers and lots of vetran presence on that team. quarterback Rich Gannon was MVP  he had a great offensive linemen including  tackle Lincoln Kennedy  and Jerry Rice played in that super bowl after coming across the bay from the  49ers and winning super Bowls for the 49ers but he led the  Raiders to a Super bowl  appearance and  Bill Romanowski one of my favorite players as well was linebacker for the Raiders and intense player and a playmaker he already won super bowl with the 49ers and  Denver Broncos .  it was a memorable season. unfortunately the Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they lost to a man that knew them very well former Raiders coach Jon Gruden .


Lincoln Kennedy played offensive linemen offensive tackle and blocked for  quarterback Rich Gannon MVP  and opened up holes for running backs Charlie Garner and Tyrone Wheatley. here is Lincoln Kennedy raising the AFC championship trophy in Oakland


















Bill Romanowski helped the Raiders get to the Super in the 2001 -2003 season super bowl champion with  the 49ers and Denver broncos

bill Romanowski















one of my favorite  halftime show was when the Cowboys played the Buffalo bill in Pasadena , Ca at the Rosebowl stadium  Michael  Jackson was the halftime entertainment he put on a great show and showed off his legendary dance moves and sang some great hits what a great performer Michael Jackson.  hopefully this super bowl also leaved us with some fun moments as well.

Michale Jackson super bowl halftime







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