WWE Royal Rumble 2016 This Sunday January 24 2016

January 21, 2016

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WWE Royal Rumble this Sunday on WWE Network and PPV.  Roman Reigns is the WWE Champion.  Reigns has to defend the  WWE championship in the Royal Rumble against 29 other wrestlers. Royal Rumble is massive every man for himself. you throw you opponent  over the top rope  both feet have to touch the group to be eliminated . Roman Reigns  is the 1st in the royal Rumble so if he has to go the distance and last to the very end and everyone is gonna try to eliminate him to be the new WWE champion.  I think Roman Reigns can pull off the victory I think he will hit other  wrestlers with superman punch and spears and throw a bunch of wrestlers out til he is the winner and retrains the WWE championship.  Also WWE Royal Rumble we see suprise returns and entrants into the Royal Rumble  how about Rey  Mysterio one of the best WWE and World heavyweight champion a high flyer and he has the 619 returning to WWE in the Royal Rumble  I think we will see Rey Mysterio back in the WWE in the Royal Rumble. Rey is one of my favorite WWE wrestlers . !  have fun watching the WWE Royal rumble WWE universe .


I think Roman Reigns will keep the WWE championship and win the Royal Rumble .

Roman Reigns WWE champion belt 2












Rey Mysterio WWE World Heavyweight Champion .I hope we we a suprise return in the Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio and I hope he wins and becomes WWE champion and wins  WWE championship belt again !

Rey Mysterio10





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