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January 7, 2016

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my wish list for  new headcoach of the 49ers  include 3 coaches I’d be really happy as a 49ers fan if any of these coaches became the next headcoach of the 49ers














the top of my 49ers coaching wish list to be the next headcoach of the 49ers in Mike Holmgren. one of the best coaches and top coaches in NFL history. Holmgren knows the 49ers culture and the winning and pride in the organization. Holmgren was the offensive coordinator of the 49ers under headcoach Bill Walsh , and when the 49ers were winning super bowls with  Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and John Taylor and  Brent Jones  . Holmgren then went on the Green Bay Packers and was  head coach of the  Packers and had great quarkerback Brett Favre  the Packers won the  super Bowl with headcoach Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre as quarterback . next Holmgren went to the Seahawks . The Seahwaks made the playoffs under headcoach Mike Holmgren and were NFC champions and played in the  super Bowl in 2005 vs Steelers. Holmgren was also the general manager when he was the headcoach of the Seahawks. Holmgren has so much to offer and can help turn the 49ers in to the winning franchise again !  The 49ers are foolish if they don’t  interview coach Holmgren. During Jed York’s press conference he said he talks to his Uncle Eddie Debartolo when he owned the team the 49ers won 5 super Bowls he ask Uncle Eddie for advise so maybe Uncle Eddie can tell Jed to give a shot to Mike Holmgren

here is  a picture of Mike Homlgren when  he was offensive coordinator when the 49ers were winning Super bowls with headcoach bill Walsh when Eddie Debrtolo was the owner of the 49ers and when they had 49ers and NFL  greats Jerry Rice, Brent Jones tight end and Joe Montana and John Taylor so I hope to see Holmgren back in the 49ers red and gold as headcoach of the 49ers

San francisco 49ers  Candlestick Park Jerry Rice Joe Montana John Taylor Bill waslsh and  Mike Holmgren  and eddie debartolo
















my second choice for 49ers headcoach is another Mike and  another 49ers former assistant coach  and he knows the 49ers winning ways also.  head coach Mike Shanahan would be a awesome to see him as the 49ers coach . Mike Shanahan was an offensive assistant when  George Seifert was the headcoach of the 49ers. Shanahan was quarterbacks coach  and  worked with Joe Montana and Steve Young and was apart of the coaching staff  when Steve Young helped the 49ers to win a super Bowl. Shanahan went to the Denver Broncos and was headcoach and had John Elway at quarterback and had  Terrell Davis and the Broncos won the super Bowl with Shanahan as the headcoach and Elway as quarterback and  Terrell Davis running Back . Shanahan has lots of great NFL  experience and I would love to see Mike Shanhan return to the 49ers as headcoach and help them win again.

Mike Shanahan when he was a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator and worked with 49ers quarterback  Steve Young

49ers Mike Shanahan and steve young



















my third and last choice for head coach of  the 49ers is  Hue Jackson . Hue Jackson is currently the offensive coordinator for the Bengals who are in the playoffs. Hue Jackson also served as  offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders and later was named the Head coach and the last headcoach  AL Davis hired before he died.  Hue went  8-8 as Raiders headcoach and improved the Raiders record from the previous season.  Hue Jackson respected AL Davis and called him coach . Hue Jackson said he talked to AL Davis as much as he could and learned some things from AL. Hue  Jackson seemed very positive and  he’s seems well liked and respected by his players, he’s gonna do the best he can do  and make the best of what he’s got .  he’s been  on good coaching staffs  like the current one he’s on with headcoach Marv Lewis. if  Hue Jackson was headcoach of the 49ers I think he can get something going and success back with the 49ers.  Hue Jackson back in the bay area. this time with the 49ers .

Hue Jackson during his tenure as the Oakland Raiders
















Hue Jackson the last coach AL Davis hired for the Headcoach  of the Oakland Raiders 2011 season














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