fun Christmas blog .Kissing under the the Mistletoe . who is your celebrity crush you want to get a Christmas kiss from under the mistletoe ?

December 22, 2015

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So the Christmas tradition is kissing under the mistletoe. have you got a kiss under the mistletoe in recent kisses or are you still waiting for that special someone and a special Christmas kiss?  I read that the mistletoe tradition was if a girl wanted to get married she had to be kissed under the mistletoe and it was a promise to marry in the next year and people believe you would have good fertility  if you were kissed under the mistletoe. So a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe is very special to share with someone special

so I thought of a question Who would be your celebrity Crush you would want to get a kiss from under the mistletoe ?

I have a few  celebrity crushes I would love to get a kiss from under the mistletoe.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new years and wish you a Christmas or New Years kiss under the mistletoe ! here are the celebrities I would want a Christmas kiss from under the mistletoe.


mistletoe mickey and mini












I would want a kiss from Debby Ryan she played Jessie in the Disney show . Jessie is  a funny and good show Debby is so funny as Jessie she is the nanny for the kids on the Show she always took care of the kids on the show and was nice and funny on the show . Debby  Ryan seems so nice and  I got an autograph from her in the mail recently


Debby Ryan Jessie disney channel





















I would want a kiss from divas Champion Nikki Bella she was the divas champion she kicks butt in the ring. She is so nice to the WWE fans and makes time for them.She is a nice person I’ve actually got to meet Nikki Bella when her and brie Bella came to the state fair. The bella twins are talented diva wrestlers I would want a kiss from divas Champion Nikki Bella



























nikki-bella red dress 2



















I would want a kiss from Selena Gomez , I love all her songs  , she seems like a nice and good person . and she is pretty too.



Selena Gomez Performs On ABC's "Good Morning America"


















Selena Gomez  5

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