Charles Woodson Retiring All time great defesnive back Oakland Raiders . one of the best Players of all time Charles Woodson

December 22, 2015

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Oakland Raiders defensive back  Charles Woodson announced his retirement yesterdat 12-21-2015 . Woodson has played 18  great seasons in the NFL  . A great leader by his example on and off the field. Woodson was super Bowl champion and  a defensive player of the year. He intercepted nearly every quarterback he’s played including great quarterback and super bowl champion and an MVP  Peyton Manning. Woodson had 2 interceptions against Peyton Manning in the Raiders vs Broncos game earlier this season in Oakland at the Oakland Coliseum .  Woodson is a Pro bowler in college Woodson won the Heisman Trophy and the Michigan Wolverines were the National champions when Charles woodson played. Woodson has  great numbers including 994 total sacks  28 forced fumbles 65 interceptions and 11 defensive touchdown. Woodson played at a great level this year like I said he intercepted Peyton Manning and he had forced fumbles he really helped turned the Raiders around and the Raiders are turning it around woodson is a leader and played 110% every play and showed up hurt or not every play he goes out #24 is always a factor on the field.   Congratulations to  a class act , a good family man a good person and outstanding player Charles Woodson we’ll see you in the Hall of fame in  5 years !!




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