Pete Rose still banned from baseball 2015 . Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds performance enhancer users now coaching in baseball They are still allowed to be in baseball.

December 17, 2015

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The commissioner of baseball denied Pete Rose’s reinstatement in baseball . Pete Rose a world series champion and  one of the best hitters in baseball history and Rose  also managed and palyed for the  Cinncinatti  Reds admitted to betting on the Reds while playing and managing and was banned from baseball for life. but Pete  Rose tries to get reinstated in baseball but the baseball commissioner denied Pete Rose to be reinstated in baseball.

my question is how would you feel if you were Pete Rose and you now see Mark McGwire  now just recently named as San Diego Padres bench coach and Barry Bonds recently named as hitting coach for the Miami Marlins  in baseball ?   Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds were both performance enhancing drug users. they are cheaters and cheated the game. they both have big home numbers and home run records but we say with an asterix * because of the cheating they did. When McGwire and Bonds played  they took performance enhancers the performance enhancer were not banned. but it is still wrong and we now know Bonds  and McGwire  were using them . we know its cheating and wrong  and they are both now allowed to still be involved in baseball as coached even though they did wrong, its not right Pete Rose should be  forgiven betting is against the rules but taking performance enhancers and  breaking record from the old school players like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron is not right. One day Pete Rose should be forgiven and be reinstated in baseball . I hope it happens so  Pete can enjoy it too

Right now Pete Rose is in one Hall of fame. the WWE Hall of fame for wrestling he was choke slammed by Kane at WrestleMania , Pete Rose also was a guest ring announcer and  was a special guest host of WWE Raw.  I hope Pete Rose can  be reinstated in to baseball hall of fame too so he can enjoy it.  – Phillip from Galt


Pete Rose world Series  Champion and All Star Cincinatti Reds

Pete Rose













Pete Rose as  guest host of WWE Monday Night Raw

Pete Rose WWE



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