Best Job in the World Water Boy for the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders ! dream job

December 17, 2015

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I bet a lot of you out there  are pretty happy to have work as am I. I am happy to work at my job and program for adults with developmental disabilities  and happy they have  a job for me ! I am very happy to work at the radio station hot 103.5 and do promotions work and write my blogs .

but if there is another dream job out there for me or maybe for any of you  maybe this is it !!  The San Diego Chargers of the NFL,  the Cheerleaders have their own water boy !  There is water boys for the players so during time outs or when the players go to the sidelines the water boy gives the players water and makes sure the players are hydrated . Usually the cheerleaders have a ice chest off to the side and  have their bottle waters and can go to the ice chest when they need a quick drink on the sidelines.   I think the San Diego Chargers are the first team in the NFL to employ a water boy for their cheerleaders.

being the water boy for the  cheerleaders for the Oakland Raideretts or for the 49ers would be my dream job!  hanging out with the pretty girls and women and helping them out and giving them  water and being friends with the pretty ladies would be the best. and I love sports so maybe I’d see the players and meet them . that would be my dream job   being the water boy for the cheerleaders. Oakland Raiders get a water boy for the Raideretts and  I want that  job now !!   – Phillip from Galt


water boy for the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders











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