Roman Reigns Wrestling for the WWE Championship at WWE TLC

December 10, 2015

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Roman Reigns is Wrestling WWE heavyweight champion Sheamus. last month at the Survivor Series it was Roman Reigns that advanced to the finals of the WWE Championship tournament against his friend Dean Ambrose after Seth Rollins had to give forfeit the  Championship due to injury.  Roman Reigns beat Ambrose to become the  WWE champion. Triple H set Roman Reigns up after the match. Triple H wanted to shake Roman Reigns ‘s hand but after Triple H kept on “stacking the deck ” against Reigns instead of shaking  Triple h ‘s hand  Reigns speared Triple H only to have Sheamus come from behind and  cash in his money in the bank and brouge kick Roman  Reigns not once but  twice. It was a set up. Now Roman Reigns gets his title rematch because he was champion too.  I think Roman Reigns will superman punch and spear Sheamus and then climb the ladder to take the WWE championship. in the match Sheamus and Roman Reigns will be able to use tables ladders and chairs and use them against each other as weapons and hit each other with them. it will be crazy !  Go Roman Reigns become the WWE champion-  Phillip  from Ga

Roman Reigns rooting for him to win the WWE championship he’s worked hard to get it all this year

Roman Reigns WWE champion belt 2




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