Kobe Bryant set to retire after this years basketball season NBA is done !

December 10, 2015

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Kobe Bryant announced after this NBA season is over he will be retiring.  Bryant has been playing the NBA for 20 years. 1996 til present. he played his whole career with  the LA Lakers. Bryant always wanted to win and he did it  a lot . Winning  5 NBA championsips 2x final  MVP . Bryant is always wanted to take those big shots in the playoffs or in the finals to help his team win, that’s called clutch.  Mr. Clutch he would come through and hit the big winning shot. I like when Kobe and Shaq played together in LA and won the NBA championship, they are a great duo. Shaq is so dominant and strong and could feed the ball to Kobe for a big shot.  Shaq and Kobe are two of the best team-mates in all sports one of the best duos. Another thing is  Kobe went to the NBA straight after high school , he did not attend college or play college baskeball. he was ready for the NBA and has been playing 20 great years. good for him . Kobe is also one of the top scorers in  NBA history . Congratulations to Kobe Bryant on an outstanding basketball career.  – Phillip from Galt



Kobe with one of the 5 championships he  help the La Lakers to win

Kobe Bryant with one of his NBA championship































Shaq and Kobe won championships together in LA with the LA Lakers won of the best times of Kobe careers and my favorite times watching Kobe and Shaq play together !


Shaquille O' Neal and Kobe Bryant

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