Barry Bonds new hitting coach for the Miami Marlins

December 10, 2015

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Barry Bonds the all time home run king with 762 home run ,  Bonds went to a World Series with the San Francisco Giants in the 2002 world series and was an exciting player for the Giants hitting all those amazign home runs.  Barry Bonds had a  “cloud of controversy” around his career, being suspected of cheating with steriods/ performance enhancers .  Don Mattingly the new manager for the Miami Marlins hired Barry Bonds as new hitting coach  for the Team. Barry Bonds has a chance to contribute to baseball again. I think this is a good thing that Bonds and even when Mattingly hired Mark McGwire with the Los Angeles Dodgers it shows we can forgive  in sports. So we’ll see how the Dodgers do this season. Congratulations to Barry Bonds for being back in baseball a sports he loves.  -Phillip from Galt


Barry Bonds recieves his 2001 MVP  award 2001 with  the San Francisco  Giants outfielder

Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants 2001 MVP award

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