rooting for Roman Reigns to win and Keep the WWE heavyweight championship

November 24, 2015

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one of my favorite wrestlers is Roman Reigns. This past Sunday November 22 2015 at Survivor  Series Roman Reigns wrestled  his best friend and  tag team partner and former shield members  Dean Ambrose. Both  Reigns and Ambrose made it to the finals for the WWE championship belt.  Reigns and Ambrose gave each other all they had and after the match they shook hands and remained friends and I am happy about that.  Reigns was the New WWE champion,  then Triple H who has stacked the  deck against  Roman and even offered him to be in the authority came out and tried to shake his hand but Roman instead gave Triple H a  spear, and when Sheamus seen this he sneak attacked Roman and gave him the brogue kick ! and won the WWE championship because Sheamus cashed in his  money in the bank briefcase. I though that was terrible  . I think Triple H set up  Roman Reigns and had  Sheamus cash in.

Roman  Reigns since he was champion get his tile rematch ! the match will be  Sheamus vs Roman Reigns at TLC  Tables , Ladders and Chairs match !

Roman Reigns has been chasing the WWE championship all this Year. Reigns won the Royal Rumble and Went on to WrestleMania and Brock Lenar and Reigns beat the heck out of each other. Reigns had Lesnar down and Seth Rollins came in with his money in the bank and cashed in and  was fresh and took advantage of the situation and pinned  Roman Reigns to become champion after Lesnar and Reigns beat each other down.

Roman Reigns was close to winning money in the bank instead the lights in the arena went out and Bray Wyatt attacked Roman Reigns. through it all  Roman Reigns has  been wrestling match after match and put himself back in the title picture.  Reigns has been busting his butt and is a powerful wrestler lots of strength and one the best and hard workers in WWE . I hope at Tables Ladders and chairs Roman Reigns wins  the belt and has a great title run and title reign  !!!  Go Roman Reigns !! from Phillip from Galt !!

I hope Roman Reigns  get the WWE championship back he’s the man !!  He’ll be a hard working champion

Roman Reing with the WWE championship belt



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