WWE Undertaker and Kane back as the brothers of Destruction tag team

November 12, 2015

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WWE  – Undertaker and  Kane are back as the brothers of destruction tag team.   Undertaker has been in WWE for 25 year now .    Kane has been in WWE for 20 years including his years as Isaac Yankem  DDS and  Fake disel and he debuted as Kane in 1997. Kane and Undertaker are dominant in the ring they have been WWE champions and world heavyweight champions and  tag team champion together.  there longivity  in WWE wrestling is amazing . Wrestling takes a toll on your body all the body slams and wrestling moves and travel on your body, so  being in WWE  for so long is just amazing and speaks to the great careers they have had. I like when Undertaker and Kane choke slam and tombstone their opponetts . Undertaker and Kane are best the   wrestlers and  strong monsters and tough they can dish out a beating . they are unstoppable  together !  Undertaker have been causing destruction and wrecking havock for years on the WWE. The  Undertaker and Kane are the  are the brothers of destruction and they are beefing now with the Wyatt Family . The Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt, Erik Rowan , Luke Harper , Braun Strowman . After a hard fought match at hell in a cell  in side the hell in a cell the  a match between Undertaker and  Brock Lesnar Wyatt family came out and attacked the Undertaker the next night on WWE Monday Night Kane confronted  the Wyatt family and they all teamed up and attacked Kane 4 on 1 . Undertaker and Kane came back for their revenge on WWE Monday Night Raw  this past Monday November 9 2015  and cleared  the ring of all four member of the Wyatt family including  the huge Braun Strowman and Undertaker and Kane gave Bray Wyatt the choke slam to hell !! Wow !  Kane and Undertaker will take on the Wyatt family at Survivor series Sunday November  22, 2015 . its gonna be cool to see Kane and Undertaker and Kane be tag team they are unstoppable  by themselves and unstoppable as tag team champions the brothers of destruction !


Undertaker and Kane vs the Wyatts



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