fun WWE post. if you could make up a WWE Tag team with any WWE wrestlers ever. who would be in your tag team and what would be the name of the Tag Team ?

October 1, 2015

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if you could pick any Wrestlers of all time and put them in a tag team together, who would you pick as your tag team and what would their tag team name be ?   I would pick  Vader and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Hacksaw  Jim Duggan the American hero always carried the American flag to the ring with him and brought his trust 2×4 to the ring with him  too.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan a big strong man a tough – guy like he liked to say . he had the football 3 point stance and football tackle clothesline as a finishing move and he was king of the ring and king of WWE / WWF when he beat Haku for king of the ring. Hacksaw and Vader would be my tag team ! Hacksaw still wrestles in the ring in independent wrestling and has been a force in the ring and has been succeesful  where ever he wrestled.  and Vader is a big man at 400 lbs. and one of the strong big man of all time.  Vader has lots of power and agility in the ring for a big man, he is a former WCW champion. Vader said its Vader time  and Hacksaw  Jim Duggan always chanted USA USA and  also had   trademark yell  Hoooooo-ooooooooo !!   so I’d call Vader and Hacksaw Jim Duggan  Hoooooooo -ooooooo Time !!   I think Vader and Hacksaw would be contenders and win the tag team championships.



Big Vader. Its Vader Time !!!




















King of WWF  King Hacksaw Jim Duggan Tough Guy  Hoooo-ooooo

Hacksaw Jim Duggan king WWF

















Hacksaw Jim duggan with his  trusty 2×4 and American flag USA USA USA


Hacksaw Jim Duggan hooo usa 2x4












Hacksaw Jim Duggan 3 point stance football clothesline tackle

Hacksaw Jim Duggan 3 point stance

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