Pope Francis visits the United States of America and Celebrates mass in Washington DC and meets with President Obama

September 24, 2015

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Pope Francis is currently on his visit to the United States of America. It is important for the Pope to come the the United States because he is the leader of the Catholic church and there are over 20 million Catholics in America one of the biggest religions Christians and Catholics.  The Pope met With President Obama to discuss climate change and important issues like defending life  at every stage.  its a blessing to have the pope in America.

something cool too when the Pope was celebrating mass in Washington  D. C.  before the mass a group of nuns were tailgating and were eating sandwiches. usually when we think of tailgate we think  football and big sporting events but  you can eat a sandwich and have tailgate get together before and exciting event like going to mass celebrated by the Pope. what an occasion . !


group of nuns tailgate before going to mass celebrate by Pope Francis   in Washington   D. C.



nuns tailgate for pope


















Pope Francis meeting with President  Obama September  23, 2015  at the White house


Pope francis and  president obama September 2015

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