Barry Zito Oakland A's pitcher makes big return to Oakland A's pitching this Saturday against former team-mate on the Oakland A's current San Francisco Giant Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder being honored big 3 for Oakland A's being honored reunite at the Oakland Coliseum Oakland A's vs San Francisco Giants 1:05 pm first pitch

September 24, 2015

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Oakland A’s  the big 3 . the pitchers for the Oakland A’s in the early 2000’s Mark Mulder  Tim Hudson and Barry Zito will all be reunited this Saturday at the Oakland Coliseum where the big  3 had a lot of success for the Oakland A’s. This Saturday the battle of the Bay San Francisco Giants vs the Oakland A’s September  26, 2015 at the Oakland Coliseum first pitch at 1:05 . Tim Hudson Barry Zito  and Mark Mulder has lots of success for the Oakland A’s and for their other teams as well.   the big 3 Hudson, Mulder , Zito lead the A’s to post season appearances and won lots of games when they pitched for the A’s together in the early 2000’s .Tim Hudson a few weeks ago announced he will be retiring . Hudson won a world series championship with the San Francisco  Giants last year .  he was the American league wins leader in 200o when he pitched for the Oakland a’s. Barry Zito  another member or the Big 3 is pitching against his  ex Oakland A’s team-mate Tim Hudson , Hudson will be on the hill for the  San Francisco Giants this Saturday. !  Zito won a world Series championship with the San Francisco Giants as well , in 2012  Zito pitched in his first world series and earned the  win when the Giants beat the Detroit tigers. zito is  cy young winner , he won the cy young as a member of the Oakland A’s in 2002 .  Zito made his come baseball come back this season and pitched for the  Oakland A’s triple A affiliate Nashville. Zito has worked hard and been a good member of the A’s organization the A’s called up Zito last week and now he will be pitching against his former  Oakland A’s team-mate  Tim Hudson which could be Barry Zito’s last game as well . Zito and Hudson came up together as team-mates on the Oakland A’s and now they can go out together and close out 2 great careers an amazing moment for sure !   and Joining Hudson and Zito , Mark Mulder their team-mate and  member of the big  3 will be honored along with Hudson and Zito before  the game on Saturday  they will be honored for their A’s careers as well as their baseball careers.  Hudson Mulder Zito the big 3 reunited there is a lot of success and awards and wins and great moments !  be sure to catch the game this Saturday 1:05 pm first pitch at the Oakland Coliseum Sunday September 26 2015 .


Barry Zito world Series champion and cy young winner making his Oakland A’s Come back at the Oakland coliseum this Saturday September 26, 2015 against Tim Hudson his ex  team-mate memeber of the Big  3 starting for the Oakland A’s


barry Zito 3 Oakland A's














Tim Hudson San Francisco  Giants world series champion  pitching this  Saturday against Oakland A’s ex team-mate Barry Zito  both  members of the Big  3 . Hudson retiring  at the send of the season


MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants














Mark Mulder Oakland A’s member of the Big  3





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