Big Papi David Ortiz hits career homerun 500 . becomes 4th Major League baseball player with at least 500 career homeruns and 3 world series rings

September 17, 2015

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Big Papi David Ortiz has had an awesome career. the Boston Red Sox Slugger is a big man and  and a big hitter he can hit the long ball.  Ortiz has won 3 world series with  boston Red Soxs and has 500 career homeruns and counting . he now joins Babe Ruth , 714 career  homeruns 7 world series championships, Mickey Mantle  536 careet homeruns 7 world series,  Reggie Jackson 563 career homeruns and 5 world series championship. Ortiz hts some towering long homeruns and is amazing power hitter. its kinda like  Barry Bonds you don’t want to miss  Papi at bat you might miss a great moment or a big hit !!     congratulations Big Papi David Ortiz  on another great career milestone !


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