WWE Throwback Thursday Post. if you could see any past WWE championship brought back which one would you want to see brought back? I want to see the Hardcore Championship be brought back to WWE

September 10, 2015

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there are a few WWE championship belts now retired. the WWE womens championship.  the European championship and the Hardcore Championship and  the light heavyweight championship. if you could see any Wrestling championship be brought back to  WWE which championship would you want to see come back  ?

I want the hardcore championship to be brought back to the WWE .  I enjoyed the  hardcore championship matches. Those hardcore championship matches were the best. I like how the hardcore championship was defended 24/7  as long as a referee was there.  I like how the wrestlers brought out all kinds of weapons out with them to ringside. shopping carts,garbage cans, kendo sticks , steel chairs, tables , ladders , fire extinguisher, it was fun to see what weapons they would bring out and how they would us them in the match. so I want the WWE to bring back the Hardcore championship.










WWE / WWF hardcore championship belt  and  below the first ever hardcore champion Mankind – Mick Foley wrestling great defined hardcore wrestling putting his body on the line and was a great wrestling champion


Mankind hardcore championship

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