Burger king wants to make a world peace hamburger with another chain for world peace day.

September 3, 2015

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World peace day and world peace organization is an organization that spread world peace awareness. Burger king wanted to originally teem up with McDonalds and make a “world peace burger ” for  National World peace day and profits would benefit the world peace organization . Burger king wanted team up with McDonalds and call the Burger the “McWhopper”  but McDonalds declines. how about Burger king and Jack in the box team  up for  the world peace burger and call  the burger –  The  Jumbo King Burger !! .  I think burger kings has a good idea and good intentions so I hope Burger kings finds another chain that will partner with them or I hope McDonalds  changes their minds !! maybe tweet to McDonalds and tell them you want the McWhopper and they will have to do it if the demand is there !!    – Phillip from Galt  !!



Burger king and  Mcdonalds




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