Sting getting a WWE championship Match at Night of Champions against Seth Rollins September 2015

August 27, 2015

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one of  Wrestling’s best. Sting  is getting a  WWE championship match.  Sting has been one of the best and been right up there with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and other wrestling legends. Sting and Ric flair and Hulk hogan are 3 of the most popular and famous wrestlers of all time they have the most championship in the history of wrestling . Ric Flair and Sting and Hulk  have all been champions for every company they have been in. Ric flair has been champion 16x the most in wrestling he has been a tag team champion too  Hulk Hogan has 12 championships and has been WWf/WWe champion and WCW champion and Sting has been WCW champion and TNA Champion. Sting has had some battles with Hulk hogan and Ric Fliar and wrestled both of the for  championships for the WCW champioship. sting has the stinger splash and the scorpion death  drop and the scorpion death lock like bret the hitman harts’s sharp shooter. Sting is one of the Best and  if the beats Seth Rollins he will be the 2nd Wrestler to win the WCW  championship , the TNA championship and the WWE championship. Kurt Angle was the first to win WWE championship and WCW championship he won win WWE bought – out WCW and the Alliance WCW and ECW were in the WWE  Kurt Angle won the  WCW belt and Kurt Angle was  TNA champion also so Sting would be 2nd wrestler to do that if he wins at night of champions. I think Sting will be WWE champion soon and beat Seth Rollins and give Rollins the  Scorpion death drop .

on WWE Raw this past monday August 24 2015 Sting made his WWE comeback since  WrestleMania 31 where he wrestled  Triple H . Seth rollins was set to see a statue that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon said he would get if he beat John Cena to win the WWE championship and win the United States championship. Rollins beat John Cena  after Jon Stewart interfered in the match costing Cena the United States belt. So on Monday Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were set to show Rollins his statue and  they pulled a curtain that was covering the statue but  instead of the statue it was sting hiding under the curtain and he suprised Rollins and Triple H and sting hit  Rollins with left and right and  threw him from the ring and then Sting  saw the  WWE championship and proudly held up the belt. I think this was the first time sting held the  WWE championship belt . it was a cool moment now I hope sting beats  Rollins for the WWE belt .    – Phillip from Galt  !


Sting with the WWE Belt after he beat down Seth Rollins on Raw August 24  2015

sting with the WWE belt August 24

















Sting vs Steh Rollins  coming up September 2015 Night of champions

Rollins vs  Sting Night of champions September 2015

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