Why the Oakland Raiders are gonna be a different team this year and have a winning Season

August 20, 2015

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NFL regular season is almost is here!  I was thinking of the Oakland Raiders a local Bay Area team !! I think this year is gonna be different in Oakland  for a few reason













The Raiders have a great coaching list. with former  NFL great players and ever some Hall of fame  players. The coaching staff have a lot of experience and knows what  it takes to be winners in the NFL.  Jack Del Rio a former head coach with  the Jacksonville Jaguars and  he was a defensive coordinator for the Ravens when they won the super Bowl and was defensive coordinator more recently for the Denver Broncos.   Jack Del Rio was a linebacker in his playing days for the Dallas Cowboys and for the Minnesota Vikings . the Raiders also have 3x super Bowl champion linebacker for the Dallas cowboys and for the 49ers Ken Norton Jr. Ken Norton was a 3x super Bowl champion and was an intense player  and a play maker. Ken Norton Jr is the Raiders defensive coordinator.  Joining Ken Norton Jr. on the defense side of the ball coaching staff in hall of famer and former Pittsburgh Steeler he won a super Bowl with the Ravens and  went to the super Bowl with the Raiders one of the best  defensive backs in NFL history Rod Woodson is a  Raiders defensive backs coach.  Del Rio , Ken Norton Jr.  and Rod Woodson are among the NFL greats on the coaching staff and they will give the players tips and tools to and mentor them how to win in the NFL . its up to the players to listen and learn from the coaching staff .



Jack Del Rio
























Jack Del Rio Vikings linebacker
























ken Norton Jr. Raiders defensive coordinator


















ken Norton Jr. 49ers linebacker cowbys

















Rod woodson Raiders defensive backs coach





















Rod Woodson Raiders player

















Raiders quarterback Derek Carr now in his 2nd NFL season I think will have a big Year he has a lot to build on. I saw last year he is a great leader, he has what it take to be a positive player on and off the field and a positive leader on and off the field. Derek Carr has a great arm and can get the ball to his recievers and he has lots of  football smarts too. Carr is going to be awesome and he is gonna have a great year .   The Raiders also have some good weapons  and recievers for Carr to throw too . The Raider drafted Amari Cooper . Coopers has some good hands and will be a play maker when gets a chance.  The Raiders also aquired  Michael Crabtree a free agent who came across the bay from the 49ers. Crabtree has always been a  talented reciever and he makes some big plays and is a deep threat for  Carr to throw too.    on defense the Raiders have  Khalil Mack Raiders linebacker he is gonna make his presence felt and will be sacking quarterback and making tackles all over the field.  The Raiders also  have Charles Woodson back  Woodson is a postive leader on the team he is a big play maker and makes interceptions and tackles and is one of the top players and defensive backs in the NFL and is going strong  a future hall of  fame  No Doubt.


Derek Carr Raiders quarterback 3















Charles Woodson

















Khalil Mack












This Year is gonna be different the Raiders are gonna win and I think they could win between 8 -10 games and might fight for a playoff spot.







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