The best Logo in All of Sports ---- Oakland Raiders and Oakland A's

August 13, 2015

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I was thinking about the best logos in sports.  and I came up with 2 team’s logos . both from the Bay Area and both  from Oakland !! the Oakland Raiders and the  Oakland A’s have the best sports logos .

The Oakland Raiders have the Pirate the Shield the pirate has the patch over one eye , the pirate has the swords going through a  football helmet. The Raiders logo is cool . The Raiders have great history behind the logo. they have won 3 super bowls in the 60’s 70′ and 80′ and played in the super bowl in the 2000’s  The Raiders logo is bad its silver and black .its a tough  logo for a tough rough game the game of football in the NFL.   Ice Cube he is a rapper and producer and actor and entertainer is a big Raiders fans and wears the Raiders logo and Raiders gear proud.   the Raiders have a cool awesome logos one of the best in all sports
















Ice Cube Raiders














The Oakland A’s Athletics have a great logo. I like the Elephant logo standing on baseball . The Elephant is a big one of the biggest animals on the planet.  I like The elephant logo because Elephants are one of my favorite animals. Elephants are big and strong animals and can crush  .  The A’s have one of the best logos . I like how the elephant is standing on the  Baseball too .

Oakland A's elephant  Logo



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