Rest In peace to one of the best of all time Wrestling greats Hot Rod Rowdy Piper / meeting Natalya Neidhart in Stockton CA

August 6, 2015

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I want to say Rest in Peace to Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy piper one of the best. Hot rod Rowdy Roddy Piper never backed down from a fight, he was one of the best on the mic in wrestling . He hosted the Piper Pit an interview segment . Piper was in movies and he became a WWE interconteintal champion. Piper beat the mountie to win the interconteintal championship.  Hot Rod had the best sayings one time he said Dare to dream. He also said  ” just when they think they have the answers I change the questions. ”  Piper had the sleeper hold finishing move one of the best sleeper holds. Also When Piper was a commentator he would still get involved sometimes. one time Undertaker and Ric Flair attacked Hulk Hogan on Paul Bearer’s funeral Parlor segment and Macho Man randy Savage and Hot rod rowdy Roddy Piper came from the broadcasting booth  and made a run in and chased off Flair and The Undertaker.   Rowdy Piper is one of kind and said it how he saw it.  I’m gonna miss Hot Rod rowdy Roddy Piper.


Roddy-Piper interconteintal champion














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I also  wanted to give a shout out to Natalya Neidhart WWE diva and female wrestling star. Natalya is apart of the legendary Hart family her dad is one half of the Hart foundation with her uncle Bret the Hitman hart the hart foundation were the tag team champions.  one of the best tag teams ever. Natalya was has been divas champion in WWE and even does the shap shooter move like Bret the hitman hart . Natalya is one of the best Diva of all time. thank You Natalya for meeting the fans and being so nice.  Natalya is also married to fellow wwe wrestler and former tag team champions twice Tyson kidd . Tyson kidd has been tag team champion with David Hart Smith and Ceasro Tyson kidd  is a high flyer and an exciting wrestler as well . I met Natalya before the matches in Stockton. Natalya is one of the best and will be champion again. maybe she will beat the bellas !   from Phillip.


natalya WWE diva champion 1




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