Pro Football Hall of fame this weekend. NFL . 3 NFL legends I want to see in the Pro football Hall of fame.

August 6, 2015

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Pro football hall of fame inducts new members this weekend and the the first Pre Season game the Hall of fame game this weekend August 8, 9  .



Tim Brown Oakland Raiders 2















Tim Brown former Riaders player wide reciever who played 17 season he was a 9x Pro Bowler  Tim brown Put up great numbers in his career and is the second leading reciever in NFL behind 49ers Super bowl champion and great and MVP and a former Raiders team-mate of his Jerry Rice. Tim Brown has 1,094 career receptions 105 career touchdowns. He also help lead the Raiders to the super bowl in the 2002 and earned an AFC championship. Congratulations to Tim Brown going in the Hall of fame



Charles Haley Cowboys



















Charles Haley former 49ers player and Dallas Cowboys player defensive end and a great pass rusher . he was a sack master and a lot of quarterbacks still probably have dreams about Charles Haley chasing them and getting a sack on them. Haley has 100 1/2 sacks  for his career. Haley has 498 tackles in his career . Charles Haley remains the only player with 5 super Bowl rings ,he helped the 49ers defense along with Ronnie Lott , Bill Romanowski Kenna Turner win super bowls. Haley has 2 super Bowls as a 49ers player and 3 super bowls with the Dallas Cowboys.  Haley chose former 49ers owner Eddie Debartolo to give a speech for his hall of fame induction .



Bills v Chargers X














Junior Seau former San Diego linebacker and he played 1 year with  the Dophins and played with the New England Patriots.  Seau was also an awesome sack master he got to a lot of quaterbacks in his NFL career also. Seau has 56.5 sacks in his career .  he has 1,849 career tackles he was big playmaker on defense he alsohas 18 career interceptions. a defensive player of the year . Seau has been a AFC champion twice and played in 2 super bowls  1 with the San Diego Chargers and 1 with the New England Patriots.  Seau was one of the NFL greats



I was also thinking of a few other football and NFL greats that deserve to be in the Hall of fame .


Bill Romanowski  49ers















Bill Romanowski  a former 49ers and Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski  played 16 years in the NFL he was one of the most physical and intesne players of all . Bill Romanowski  put up some good numbers also in his career  1,116 career tackles  , 39.5 sacks ,  18 interceptions  Bill Romanowski played in 5 super bowls. he is a super Bowl 2x with the 49ers and 2 super Bowl championship with the  Denver Broncos and  went to a super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders. Bill Romanoski was always making a play on the field one of the best defensvie player, Bill Romanowski deserves to  be in the Pro football hall of fame !













Coach  Tom Flores from the Oakland Raider, Coach Flores is one of two  to have a super bowl as a player back up quarteback with the Kansas City Chiefs ,a super bowl as an assistant coach  with the Raiders and  2 super Bowls as a headcoach of the Oakland Raiders . Flores is one of the best coaches he coached a team with Riaders  like Jim Plunkett , Lester Hayes , Cliff  Branch   . Tom Flores still contributes to the NFL and to the Oakland Raiders today as  commentator/ broadcaster for the Raiders on the radio .  he breaks down the game really good on radio and brings his great knowledge of football to the broadcasting booth on the radio.  Tom Flores deserves to be in the Hall of fame .

















Jim Plunkett former Raiders quaterback also deserves to be in the Pro football hall of fame. he is a 2 super bowl champion. after being let go by the Patriots and 49ers people thought his carrer was done but he went to the Raiders and thrived wining 2 super bowl as  quarterback  and was coach by Tom Flores winning 2 super Bowls together.  Plunkett lead the Raiders to beat the Eagles and the Redskins in the super bowl . Plunkett got the ball 2 his recievers . Plunkett was super Bowl MVP agianst the Eagles he threw 3 touchdowns in that super Bowl  . Plunkett still is involved with the Raiders and broadcasts on tv shows for the Raiders .  Plunkett deserves the nod to be in the Pro football hall of fame.










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