Stockton Con coming up August 8, 9 , 2015 next Saturday and Sunday ! Stockton Arena

July 30, 2015

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The Stockton Con is back . its coming next Saturday and Sunday August  8, 9 . At the Stockton Arena in Stockton, Ca. you can go to  for more information schedule and time.  the Stockton Con has celebrity appearance and autographs . Stockton Con is so fun you get to dress as your favorite  Comic super hero and WWE Wreslter. there will be a number of WWE Wrestling legends and greats. Also  you can find cool action figure toys and memorabillia and collectibles from super heros to wrestling action figures.  check out the celebrities and Wrestlers. also they will have Live Pro Wrestling from SPW  Supreme Pro Wreslting out of Sacramento  wrestling at the Arena ! this is can’t miss event it is so fun they have comics toys and  vendor with these things and more for sale .  this is a can’t miss event for any wrestling fan too.  I am looking forward to seeing Jerry the king lawler wrestling great and wrestling commentator Jerry the king lawer was the wrestling champion in Memphis too.   I am looking forward to seeing  Honky tonk man former Interconteintal champion ! Honk tonk  man also had his gituar and used to hit other wrestlers his opponetts with it.  !   I am looking forward to  seeing Victoria a WWE womens champion and she was the womens Hardcore champion she even beat wrestling women’s great wrestling champion Trish Stratus. !   Well check out   and have fun .  next week I will post schedules and time for the celebrities .



Stockton Arena





























tara TNa womens champion



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