Who do you like to cheer for in sports past and present players

July 16, 2015

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who do you like to cheer for in sports? who are some of your favorite players past and present that you cheer for and still cheer for when they are around ?


I always cheer for Hulk Hogan. he still makes appearance for  WWE ! Hulk hogan is the best wrestling champion and wrestler of all time. Hulk hogan beat all wrestling great like Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter the Undertaker,  shawn michaels,  Macho man Randy Savage. hulk hogan always was so  cool to me when he told us to train , take our vitamins and say our prayers. I like him in the NWO and wanted him to win the belt and beat some of the wrestlers.  hulk Hogan even made an appearance a  “run in” at this years WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara at Levis stadium . Hulk hogan and Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came out for Sting to even the odds against  Triple H and DX.  i was screaming my head off and cheering I was at wresltemania and Hulk hogan even got involved and knocked down  X Pac  at wresltemania he also took triple H’s sledgehammer away from him when he reached for it when he wanted to hit sting with it. Hulk Hogan is legendary and is awlays there for his hulkamaniac fans !!   I will always cheer for hulk hogan

















for  the Oakland Raider Charles Woodson  safety and he was a cornerback ,Woodson is going strong and is gonna be a future hall of famer. he is a big playmaker and has 60 careet interceptions he is like an intercepting machine if you throw it near Charles woodson there is a good chance he will intercept the quarterback . Woodson has 11 career defensive touchdown, he has made interceptions and took them all the way for  a toucdown. Woodson is a leader on and off the fields he  has played for the  Raiders and the Green bay Packers he helped the packer win a super bowl  title .Woodson was amazing for the Packers helping them win a super Bowl he can sack the quarterback he has 20 career qaurterback sacks woodson is now in his 18th NFL season his longivity has been amazing . sometimes the NFL they say stands for  Not For Long but that doesn’t he has played and still is playing at a high level and is one of the top defensive players today and of all time . I will cheer charles woodson  .


NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

















I always liked Bubba Paris former 49ers offensive linemen from the 49ers. he is a class act  and  he played with the 49ers and blocked and protected  Joe montana and is a super Bowl champion. bubba is a big man with a big heart. he also opened up holes for Roger Craig to run through 49ers running back . Bubba is so nice and enjoys life  he is so happy and always has a smile he was apart of the legendary 49ers teams and a super bowl champion I Cheer for bubba Paris too



bubba  Paris 49ers




















some of my favorite sports athletes to cheer for !!

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