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July 9, 2015

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ThrowbackThursday  radio











hot 1035 Phillip . Throwback thursday  online radio show blog  Phillip from Galt



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We lost a good friend at the radio station Rick Shannon was a radio host on 10.19 the wolf and before that was a radio host on oldies  cool 101.9   Rick was our production director and put all the spots and commercial together. Rick loved radio and we will miss  him R.I.P Rick Shannon


Rick Shannon


















Rick Barry NBA hall of famer made the granny shot fmaous NBA champion with  the Golden st. Warriors   with the 2015 Golden st. Warriors NBA championship trophy


Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors













Mick Foley foemer WWE WWF tag team chmpions with the Rock   the Rock  n sock  connection fomrer WWE WWF  champion and general manager

Mick-Foley wwe





















Sheila E one of my favorite singer. Glamorous life is in the thowback Jams listen to to  music and my show thank you Sheila E for the raido shout out . I love you God bless you







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