California State fair - Phillip from Galt's California Stae fair guide best of 2015 state fair and tips . California State fair July 10 - 26

July 9, 2015

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The California State fiair starts tomorrow July 10 – 26

some tips I have for the state fair are if you want to save money maybe eat before hand. food can be expensive at the fair.  You can bring a bottle water. I know in the past I have unopened bottle water, there usually is a refill for water they have set up or you can find a  water fountain.  stay cool and hydrate. have fun at the fair and stay safe  !












want to eat a corn dog at the fair and  ,maybe ice cream or a funnel cake !! and have a soda too !




















funnle cake













Ashanti will be performing at the  California state fair. I think I want to see her in concert. she has song with Fat Joe and  with Ja Rule and is a top selling artist her concert should be fun  !










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