Phillip from Galt music show of the week, 4th of July edition / DJ Tosh and DJ Jermaine Dupri in the mix July 2, 2015

July 5, 2015

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its my music show of the week online  Hot 103.5 Sacrament0  I got some radio shout outs from  Sheila E and Jason Thompson and Hulk Hogan .  and I have a DJ Mix from  DJ Tosh he does the 5 o’clock mix lift-off mix with freeze in the afternoon. and Jermiane Durpri he had hit songs like Welcome to Atlanta and Money aint a thing with Jay Z  , Jermaine Dupri came in studio and  jumped on the turntables to mix too ! listen and turn your speakers up !!  – Phillip from Galt


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Jermaine Dupri in the mix on Hot 1035 July 2 2015

Jermaine Dupri in the mix  hot 1035 Sacramento July 2, 2015






















I met Sheila E in June when she came to the State Capitol building  Sacramento for Juneteenth concert





















Jason Thompson was the kings longest tenure Sacramento kings player now going to  76ers.  I got a radio shout out from Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson Sacramento kings





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