Sacramento Kings say good bye to Longest tenure Sacramento king player Jason Thompson and Carl Landry . going to 76ers

July 2, 2015

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Sacramento kings saying good bye to Carl Landry power forward .Landry was in his second stint with the Sacramento kings he spent the 2010 -2011 season with the kings and then went to the New Orleans Hornets and to the Golden St. Warriors.  Landry then came back to the kings in the 2013 season making this was his second go  around with the Sacramento kings. Carl Landry played hard for the Sacramento kings and provided some good positive energy while in Sacramento . Landry will be going to the 76ers


Sacramneto king Carl Landry 24

















Jason Thompson the Sacramento kings longest Sacramento kings tenure player played with the kings since 2007. Jason Thompson hung in there and played for  lots of coaches and played with lots of players/teammates  . Thompson provided some good positive energy and was a leader on the Team while he was here in Sacramento. sending Jason Thompson a shout out .  JT is going to the 76ers too !!


Jason Thompson Sacramento kings




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