AL Davis late great raiders owner born on the 4th of July.

July 2, 2015

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during  4th of july I think about Al Davis one of the best owners ever in football he built his team on commitment to excellence . Al  Davis said ” just win Baby” he  gave everybody a chance and thats what i respect about Al Davis he hire Art  shell former offensive linemen and super bowl champion and hire Art Shell as the first african american as headcoach in the modern era. Al Davis gave Jim Plunkett a chance to continue his career after he was cut by the 49ers and after he played for the  Patriots. He hired the first Latino headcoach Tom flores and Tom flores and Jim Plunkett who I mentioned won 2 super bowls together as coach and quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis signed  Jerry Rice after Jerry Rice left the 49ers he signed Ronnie Lott after he left the 49ers , Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice 49ers super bowl champions and legends for the 49ers and let them continue their careers on The Raiders. alot of players love Al Davis and Al Davis always did what he thought was right.  RIP Al Davis  born on the 4th of July

AL Davis Raiders

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