Oxford Dictionary adds new words for 2015 -check out a couple of my favorite words

June 25, 2015

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Oxford dictionary always has to keep up with all the news saying and words so they added new words for 2015 ! here is a couple of my favorite words now in the oxford dictionary


Photo Bomb – its definition – inserting ones self in to someone else’s   photo  .   check out some of these  photo bombs !!


The Rock A WWE champ photo bomb  . that would be so  cool  to run into the rock and for him to photo bomb your picture

photobomb the rock


























photo bom squriell



















photo bomb girl




















Fo’ shizzle  –  this is the  “word ” Snoop Dogg made up.  the meaning is for sure !!  so when you are talking and you agree with somone you can say fo’ shizzle  !!!



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