Donald Trump joins the GOP and announces he will Run for President ! The Donald ? the next President ?

June 18, 2015

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Donald Trump announces he will run for President.  Donald Trump would be a very interesting President of the United States .  He is very out spoken and says whats on his mind !  Also I think he is rich enough to share his moeny with all of us. He is a smart  bussiness man so he would know how to help the nations dept maybe help get us out of dept.  Trump is quite the character too.  he  is also a big  WWE wrestling fan  and he has hosted WrestleMania  2 times at Trump Plaza  . he is friends with the Chairman of  WWE Vince McMahon and has made appearances on WWE on Monday night Raw he is also friends with Hulk Hogan and John Cena 2 top wrestling champions of all time.   We’ll see how Trump will do in GOP race, very interesting  !

Donald Trump announces he will run for President this week

donald Trump  WWE

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