49ers worst offseason in NFL history ???

June 11, 2015

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i think that the 49ers have had the worst season in NFL history if you consider all the players the 49ers are gonna miss who have either been traded or retired or left the team in free agency.  checkout all these player plus coach Jim Harbaugh that left the 49ers . when you consider all these losses player what they met to the team and what they contributed to the team the 49ers maybe in for a long season in 2015 and may have had the worst off season not only in 49ers history but in NFL  history .


1 .  Jim Harbaugh was a great coach for the 49ers he took the 49ers to NFC championship and even a super bowl appearance. Coach Harbaugh had energy  2nd to none and has lots of passion and is an intense leader on and off the field and sidelines. he played quarterback in the league and has a great football IQ and has smarts on and off the field.  loosing Coach Harbaugh was a huge  loss and even  for quarterback Colin kapernick. Harbaugh can bond with his players since he has been a player he knows the advise to give to his players since he has been there and he fires up his players.

























2.  Mike Iupati 49ers offensive linemen. Mike Iupati has been great protection for 49ers quarterback while he was a 49ers offenisve linemen. Iupati blocked  for Alex Smith and for Colin Kapernick. A big body physical player on the field Iupati went to divisional rival Arizona Cardinals


Mike Iupati 49ers 2





















3.  Frank Gore , Frank Gore running back Frank Gore was the work horse of the 49ers . his rushing number are great  he was a homerun type of  running back , he could come up with big long runs and scored lots of touchdowns in his time in San Francisco . Frank  Gore in now on the Colts

Frank Gore 49ers running back 2





















4. Patrick Willis former 49ers linebacker retired , he has been suffering from toe injuries for a while. Patrick Willis has been dominate. he is a game changer.  he could intercept quarterback and socred defensive touchdowns he is a sack master getting to the quarterback a strong player physical hard hitter. now is retired


Patrick Willis 49ers linebacker
























5.  Michael Crabtree – went across the bay to the Oakland raiders. Crabtree was a deep threat for the 49ers and now will be a good target and deep threat for  Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Crabtree has his special moments and big plays.  49ers offense are gonna mis Crabtree . Kapernick will mis Crabtree


Michael Crabtree 49ers 2




















6. Justin Smith  defensive linemen for the 49ers  the “cowboy” they called him retired this off season.  Justin Smith was an awesome pass rusher and  awesome on defense  a play maker on defense recorded a lot of sacks and tackles .


Justin Smith  49ers














recently the 49ers trade pro bowler punter  Andy Lee to the  cleveland Browns. Anthony Davis another 49ers linemen retired he said  he is taking a year off to heal his body and mind. this has been a rough off season  for the 49ers

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