summer time fun favorite things about summer time !! summer time tips too

June 4, 2015

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Its summer time. if you are a student school is out unless you are in summer school.  there is fun to be had you can work but summer is a time to be outside find fun things to  do and enjoy the summer weather.  but it will be hot too. these are summer time favorite things and tips !

tips for summer ; drink water plenty of water to stay hydrated,  wear sun glasses to  protect your eyse from the sun , have the air conditioner on at home and in your car when you drive  , wear shorts and shirt if possible  dress cool for the hot weather, turn on your fans too . relax at home, don’t work outside if possible when its too hot or limit your time outside. turn on fans , fans keep you cool stay in the shade when you go outside

















Keep your fan on  and air conditioner stay coo try to stay indoors during the hot hot days

















Drink plenty of water stay hydrated













wear your sunglasses  , sunglasses are cool plus you are protecting your eyes from the sun



favorite things  swimming  in your pool at home or going to a local pool . pretty girls in bikins  ( i love my girls)   , ice cream ( I like Baskin Robbins ice cream ) and sundaes  , BBQ  with family hot dogs hambugers , steak ,  WWE wrestling summerSlam  and WWE is coming in August to Sacramento, Ca at sleep train arena for Smackdown and  Live  WWE event for Stockton , CA  Stockton Arena  go  to WWE  event and see all my favorite wrestlers Roman Reigns, Ryback , Kane, Big show  Dolph ziggler,  john Cena and Prime time players and more , WWE is coming in August.  water fight  with water balloons and squirt guns, getting each other wet with water hose, slip and slide,  wearing your sun glasses .  going to a baseball game and sitting in the shade is fun ( I’m going to Oakland A’s and Stockton Ports game) having a soda and hot dog at the game   and having a ice  cold soda  ,  going to a good funny  summer time movie   at the movie theater this is all summer fun have a fun summer everybody a fun safe summer !


baskin robbins Ice cream is the best summer treat Ice Cream sundae !














BBQ on the grill hot dogs hamburgers  steaks   bbq with family and friends especially on  4th of  july

















Oakland A’s baseball going to a baseball game is fun enjoying the day and seeing sports and homeruns  great catches and big hits.


Oakland A's Oakland coliseum















John Cena Dolph ziggler  sin Cara













WWE live is  comin  to Stockton Arena August  2  and WWE Sleep train arena  August 4 for Smackdown

WWE live









Swimming  pool  swimming is a good fun way to cool off and swimming with your family and friends is always fun


















slip and slide  water fun
















girls in bikinis  I love my girls and having a girl friend and seeing how pretty girls are

girl in bikini beach




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