meeting Hall of famer Super Bowl champion all time great quarterback Joe Cool - Joe Montana - May 30 2015 Saturday at Roseville Yamaha Kawaski

June 4, 2015

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Roseville Yamaha  Kawaski on Taylor Rd. had a great autographs signing  4x super Bowl champion  Joe Montana . Joe has done some commercials and advertisements  for Roseville Yamaha Kawaski  . So  Roseville Yamaha Kawaski brought Joe Montana out for an autograph signing for free. a legend in sports a football hall of famer on of the all time great won 4x super bowl as 49ers quarterback  Joe threw great  touchdowns and is the best quarterback he also was legendary for his comeback wins and knew what it takes to win. Joe  had the best passes and throws Joe cool signed free autographs for over 500 + fans that showed up.  Joe Montana signed jerseys footballs . he is so popular the line was huge to see him  and get his autograph. Joe said hi to everyone. the line went smooth  Joe  is a fast signer when he signs autographs he showed   up ealier than expected he is a class act and it was so fun to meet Joe Montana I am a  big 49ers fan and watched  Joe win and win a lot. Roseville Yamaha staff and the security helping the line was great the fans were great is was a great event thank you Roseville Kawaski  for having the Joe Montana autographs signing for free and thank you to Joe cool Joe Montana    . Joe is  one of the winningest quarterback he was flawless in Super bowl he did not throw interceptions in super Bowls and was MVP .

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