The next WWE Champion.These are 2 of Wrestlers I want to beat Seth Rollins for the WWE heavyweight Championship and be the next champion

May 28, 2015

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so these are the  2 wrestlers I want to see beat Seth Rollins next for the WWE world heavyweight championship.  I want  Roman Reigns to compete in the money in the bank ladder match in june and to climb the ladder and win the money in the bank briefcase for a title shot anytime any place and cash in on Seth Rollins sometime and become WWE World Heavyweight champion !  I think when Roman Reigns wins money in the bank he will superman punch Seth rollins and become new  WWE champion.   Roman Reigns works hard and is good to the WWE fans he is so strong inside and outside of the ring he is a beast because he is so powerful and strong and can go at it with anybody in WWE. Roman Reigns had some impressive wins over The Big show and Big show is a big large Man and Giant.  Roman Reigns will be  champion sometime soon I think .

Roman Reigns WWE tag team champion























or another Wrestler I’d love to see  be champion is one of the best of all time  he was WCW champion TNA champion and he would make history to be the first to win win all 3 championship if Sting won the WWE world Heavyweight champion. I want to see Sting become the champion and come back to WWE. Sting hasn’t wrestled since WrestleMania March 29 2015  . Sting Wrestled his first WWE Match at WrestleMania 31 against Triple H. although Sting lost the match ( which DX interfered a lot and Shawn Michaels gave sweet chin music to Sting ) sting had an impressive match ! sting hit triple h with  scorpion death drop and had triple h in a scorpion death lock like the sharp shooter .  Sting becoming WWE  champion would be well deserved and would  cap off a well deserved  hall of fame career. Sting is one of the all time greats like Hulk hogan Ric Flair Macho Man Randy savage  Sting has been one of the best champions and wrestlers too.


























Roman Reigns and Sting 2  wrestlers I would love to see become WWE champion soon  !!!

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