its getting Hot outside ! please don't leave your dog in a hot car ! be kind to your friend and pet

May 28, 2015

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the weather is getting hot outside.  so every summer we hear about it. Pet owners leaving dogs and pets in the hot car.even if you park  in the shade its too long . a dog can pass out and even die. they are left with out water and its way to Hot . plus  whatever the tempreture is outside its always warmer in the car because there is no air and the heat is being trapped in the car.  . please just leave your pets at home or  don’t go out and leave your pet alone in the Hot car if you have your dog and pet. and if you see a hot over heated dog and pet in the car and they are sweating with  their tounge out  you can call 911 and report  a dog was left in the Hot car and they will break the dog out of the car and it will be on the owner if their car is broken into and they can be charged with  animal cruelty and be fined and if you don’t want to call 911 if you see a dog left in the parking lot you can go back in the store and tell them about it they can call the cops and report the incident too and if  the dog is left in the car at the mall you can always go back in the mall and report it to mall security and they will rescue the dog . please be nice dogs are our friends and you should love your dog please do not leave your dog alone in a hot car and if you see a over heated hot dog please report it to the store or security or call 911.


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