Tom Brady A Cheater Commissioner Goodell Hands down the Punishment on Tom Brady and the Patriots !

May 14, 2015

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Tom Brady and the Patriots were Punished big time by the commissioner  Roger Goodell.  Tom Brady was fined and Tom Brady is suspended for the first 4 games of the Season  this coming season.  the patriots loose a s 2016  first round draft pick. Tom brady  is punished for what is known as deflate-gate.  he supposedly had staffer ball boys deflate football under what the rules of the NFL allow.  The staffers were suspended as well. The Patriots were fined 1 million dollars as well . Commissioner Goodell came down with a good punishment ! All the years of cheating and questionable decisions they have done. The Patriots were involved with Spy-gate. spying one other coaches to try to pick up their signals during games.   Tom Brady is a successful quarterback but he lied and said he wasn’t aware of who was responsible for deflating the footballs during the AFC championship game. now he had to finally pay up !! I think there is an astrerix next to New England Patriots and Tom Brady and Bill Bilicheck because the Patriots are dishonest and try to take shot cuts.  Good Punishment Commissioner Roger Goodell !


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