Kansas City Royal beef with Oakland A's

April 23, 2015

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so last Friday Brett Lawrie slid in to 2nd base and Alcides Escobar shortstop for the Royals was covering 2nd base and his legs got taken out when lawrie slid in to base. Lawrie said he wasn’t intending to hurt Escobar.  on Sunday Pitcher Yordano Ventura  threw at Lawrie and Ventura was ejected from the game and Ventura then pointed at his head telling Lawrie  next time he ‘ll throw at his head.  This is wrong and Major league baseball thought so too Ventura was fined and suspended.    throwing at somebody’ s head could kill you and it is not apart of the game.  I hope MLB keeps a eye on Escobar next time the A’s and Royal play .    and I would possibly suspend Ventura for the next  Oakland A’s series too.













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