High 5's !! why are 5's are the best

April 16, 2015

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today is National high 5 day.  I love high 5’s . its so fun to high 5 . high 5’s are the best. !!  5 five mean you are happy ! it means you are celebrating and it can be share between friends , family. and it can make you feel loved and happy too. I know when I get a high 5 I am happy and I feel loved and I feel happy somebody high-fived me !  you can high 5 to congratulate somebody. high 5 somebody on a good job and job well done. high 5 are a big part of sports after a big touchdown in football or big paly in football you often see team-mates high 5 each other.  in baseball after big hit or a homerun or when a run scores everyone  high 5’s . fans high 5 each other after big plays in the stands and cheer !  I love the high 5 ! So get out there and high 5. in WWE  when wrestlers come to the ring they high five the fans at ringside sometimes.  high 5  can be shared by everyone someone you love  , like or just saying hi or congratulations or to say good job. maybe when you greet somebody or say hi you can high 5 them too !  happy high fiving  !!!!   keep the high 5 alive !!  I love it. !



high 5  mario luigi






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