WrestleMania 31 Predictions - Phillip from Galt

March 26, 2015

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Wrestlemania 31 this Sunday  March 29, 2015 at Santa Clara , CA Levis stadium  home of the 49ers
















In the match Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt.   I think the Undertaker comes back to WrestleMania and comes back after last  year the streak ends but now that’s behind him so he will come out and strong and not worry about the streak and I think he will win and tomb-stone Bray Wyatt and Undertaker will teach Bray Wayatt why he’s the Phenom  ! Undertaker will go to 22 -1  for wrestlemania
















In  Sting and triple H match I think Sting is gonna win and make triple H tap out I’m hoping to the scorpion death lock his version of Bret the Hitman hart’s sharp – shooter . I think Sting can also win with his Scorpion death drop to. he has hit Triple H with it at the survivor series and if Triple h tries to bring his sledge hammer in play  , Sting also has his equalizer his baseball bat ! I think Sting will get his debut  WrestleMania victory against Triple H ! Game over !






















for the Interconteinental championship ladder match I can see Wade Barrett the current Intercontenintal champion winnig the match he loves being the Intercontenintal champion and is a good champion . I see Wade Barett retaining his intercontenintal championship


Wade Barrett Interconteintal champion














John Cena is defending and representing USA American against the undefeated Rusev from Russia in a United States championship match Rusev so far is undefeated with no pins so far or submissions in the WWE.  come this Sunday WrestleMania I see John Cena taking down Rusev and giving him the STF and the Attitude Adjustment and taking down Rusev and John Cena once again being the United States champion   . John Cena will win and be the Champ !!



John Cena WWE































for the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal I see  The Big show becoming  the winner. this would be a big honor for big show he is one of the most Famous Giants to the Big show like the 8th wonder of the World the  late Great Andre the Giant.  The big show has been WCW champion WWE  champion World heavyweight champion ECW champion in WWE and  tag team champion adding this Trophy and accomplishment would Make the Big show even that more great too.  one of  the best Giants and big men in Sports and in wrestling  !


the Big show wwe


















for the Main even WWE Championship on the line  The beast Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. I think Roman Reigns will win the  WWE championship and will prove he is ready for the belt and beating the beast and strong WWe champion  Brock Lesnar  . Roman Reigns is a strong big power house and can go toe to toe fist to fist with Lesnar. Roman Reigns will superman punch and spear  brock Lenar to win the WWE belt.


Roman Reigns WWE tag team champion
























I think this is gonna be a great wrestlemania  !!   _ Phillip  from Galt



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