Spring Training fun . Oakland A's - Jim Harbaugh 1st base coach for a game

March 19, 2015

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so Baseball is right around the corner. and the Oakland A’s recently had fun at their spring training game . Coach Jim Harbaugh currently University of Michigan head football coach and former 49ers head football coach  recently went to spring training and got to coach the Oakland A’s at  1st base.   Jim Harbaugh had been to  Oakland A’s games and is  a baseball and A’s fan.  when he was 49ers coach he would often been seen in Oakland during baseball season at the Coliseum cheering the  A’s.


Oakland A's Jim Harbugh  1st base coach spring training 2015













Jim harbaugh former  49ers  head football coach and current  Michigan  Univesrity head football coach  recently coached a spring training game for the Oakland A’s at  Spring training.  he  signaled a runner  to run to second base too.   coach Harbaugh does it all !

Oakland A's Jim Harbaugh  1

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