Coach Jim Harbaugh football hero and real life hero helped save 2 ladies in car Crash .

March 5, 2015

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coach Jim Harbarugh former headcoach of the 49ers and now Michigan Universtiy Wolverines head football coach we all know he is a talented quarterback who played in the NFL and a real great coach he gets pumped up and coaches hard and the right way and inspires players.  he is always happy  and has a different out look on life and things in general. Coach Harbaugh did something very heroic. he saw a car crash apparently no other cars were involved, these ladies car flipped of the women is in her 50’s the other in her 70’s . Harbaugh was with another support staff of his coaching staff and  Harbaugh helped the women to safety and helped do first aid on the women and gave them his coat and waited til the ambulance came. that is really stand up of  Jim Harbaugh and is what anyone should do.  I just wanted to say this is so good. Jim Harbaugh is an awesome coach and even more of an awesome person.  Great Job Coach  Harbaugh !


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Coach Jim Harbaugh formerly of the 49ers all fired up on the sidelines  helped out 2 ladies the driver was in her 50’s and the passenger was in her 70’s jim Harbaugh helped the women to safety after  he saw them crash and did first aid and waited for ambulance to arrive.

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