WrestleMania 31 March 29 2015 Sting vs Triple H one of the Top Matches at WrestleMania

February 26, 2015

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Sting he is one of the best vs Triple h one of the best in Pro wrestling.  both Wrestlers have held  the Heavyweight championship 13 time.  Triple H  is a 8 time WWE champion and 5 time World heavyweight champion. Sting has held various Title including the NWA  championship which turned in the WCW title 6 times and the TNA championship.   TNA is one of the major wrestling organizations and competes against WWE.  Sting has battled and wrestled all the top stars in Wrestling, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle , Kevin Nash, Hulk hogan they have all had championship matches against Each other.  Sting and Triple  are two popular wrestlers with  a lot of  fans.  the 2 time Sting and Triple h have come face  2 face Sting has dropped Triple H  with his finishing move the  scorpion  death  drop  !!   I think Sting is is gonna beat Triple H at WrestleMania !! I think Sting will scorpion death drop Triple H again. WrestleMania is 31 days away !   Santa Clara  Bay area  Levis stadium home of the 49ers

Triple H vs Sting Wrestlemania 31

Sting Triple H  WWE 2015

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