former Oakland A's player / Yankees/ Rockies / Indians player Jason Giamabi retires call it a career.

February 19, 2015

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former Oakland A’s great Jason Gimabi calling it a career.  Giambi 44 years old had 2 stints in Oakland with the Oakland A’s . he also played for The New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Indians. Giambi  has 440 career home runs he has been a 5x all star  he was homerun derby champion.  Giambi was one of the first admitted steriod users.  he came out and apologized saying he was wrong for it. I think people the fans team mates and his peers forgave him for using steriods because Giambi admitted to being a user.    Giambi hit towering long big home runs . I still think Giambi  is an amazing great hitter and had a great career .  Giambi  never won a world series he played in a world series with  the Yankees in 2003 season.  Giambi finished his career out

Jason Giambi  Oakland A’s former player retires   . Giambi was a big power hitter. he always contributed with big  hits  . Congratualtions to Jason Giambi on a great career .

Jason Giambi Oakland A's



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