Oakland Raiders coaching staff moves. defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. and defensive backs coach Rod Woodson.

February 12, 2015

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the Oakland Raiders made 2 big coaching staff moves. recently .  Ken  Norton Jr.  a former linebacker for the 49ers and Dallas Cowboys . Ken norton Jr.  is the only NFL player to play in 3 consecutive super Bowls.  Ken Norton was a great linebacker and contributed to the 49ers and Cowboys success during super bowl seasons. a hard noes and pyshical  palyer in  his playing day. made lots of tackles and  sacks. since retiring from the NFL  Ken Norton has been in coaching  he first was caoching  Under Pete Carroll at USC he was a linebackers coach at USC  .when Pete Carroll went to the Seattle Seahawks  Norton Jr. followed   in 201o. The Seahawks one the 2014 Suepr Bowl and beat the Denver Broncos Pete Carroll head coach and Ken Norton Linebackers so now Norton Jr. has a ring also as an assistant coach . Seattle’s defense has ranked near the top and Seattle’s  linebackers are big contributers to the defense.  Seattle is also coming off a super Bowl appearance again when they just played New England Patriots .  I think  hiring Norton as a defensive Coordinator is a good move , he know defense and has lot of experience as   player and  coach.   good move by the Raiders

Ken Norton Jr.  as a member of the San francisco 49ers. Ken Norton Jr. helped the 49ers win a superbowl . linebacker






















Ken norton Jr.  former 49ers and dallas  Cowboys player lineback as Seattle Seahwaks linebackers coach now will be the Oakland Raiders defensive backs coach

Ken Norton Jr. as Seattle Coach linebacker
















The Oakland Raiders have also hired Rod Woodson this is his second  stint as a defensive backs coach  for the Raiders .  2011 was his first stint as a Raiders defensive back. the Hall of famer safety /cornerback played and finished his career with the  Raiders in 2002  2003 seasons . the Raiders made a Super Bowl appearance when woodson was with the Raiders.  Woodson add a lot of good football knowledge and experience to the Raiders coaching staff and to the player he will be coach




















Rod Woodson  first stint a Raiders defensive backs coach



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