happy Valentines day ! old sacramento Free Hugs event 10 am 2p

February 12, 2015

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happy Valentines day .to everybody .  This  Saturday February 14 201. Valentines day is for people you love and care about . its not just for husbands and wives, boy friends and girl friends its for friends and family anybody you love and care about . hopefully everyone feels love and also guys get your girl friends and wives candy , flowers hugs and kisses tell her you love her take her out for dinner just anything to show you love and care and appreciate you significant other or your better half !!    Happy Valentines . also I know in old Sacramento they are doing a  big Free hugs, if you want to get a hug and your single of if you just are feeling loanely come out and get a hug or  be the person to give hugs .!  I wish everyone lots of love and happiness with all their family friends and loved ones

happy Valentines day









































































































































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